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Trader Joe


Welcome to Trader Joe
Your one-stop-shop for Decentralised Finance
Welcome to the premier Multi-Functional Decentralised Finance Trading platform on the Avalanche Blockchain.

Features at Trader Joe

Trader Joe builds on the frontier of Decentralised Finance, continuously innovating to offer a truly unique trading experience that feels seamless and accessible, whether you are new to DeFi or a well versed veteran, the Trader Joe platform is a place you can call your home.
What can you do on the Trader Joe platform?
▶ Trade
  • Discover DeFi and Trade with fast Transaction speeds and cheap trading fees thanks to the Technology of the Avalanche Blockchain
▶ Pool & Farm
  • Deposit your Tokens into Liquidity Pools and Farms to earn Trading Fees and Bonus Rewards
▶ Stake
  • Stake your JOE Tokens with our modular staking system to unlock utility and more
▶ Lend
  • Visit Banker Joe to lend or borrow your Tokens to earn Interest
▶ Launch
  • Visit Rocket Joe to participate in exclusive launch events for newly launched Tokens
▶ Shop
  • Visit the Joepegs Marketplace and buy or sell digital assets (NFTs)

Your Journey on Avalanche, starts with Trader Joe.

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