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Trader Joe

General FAQ

A general overview of Trader Joe’s features and how to use them.

The Platform

What is Trader Joe?

  • Trader Joe is your one-stop decentralized trading platform on the Avalanche network. You can read more in this introduction to the platform.

What is $JOE?

  • $JOE is Trader Joe’s native governance and utility token. Check out our tokenomics for more information.

What is Banker Joe?

  • Banker Joe is Trader Joe's lending protocol. You can find a comprehensive introduction to Banker Joe here.

How do I bridge to Avalanche?

What is the MAX JOE supply?

What is an emissions schedule?

  • Emission schedule refers to the rate of JOE Tokens that are minted into circulation

Where can I find details about Trader Joe's treasury?

  • See the full distribution breakdown here.

Does Trader Joe have an analytics page?

What are Trader swap Joe fees?

  • When you make a token swap on the exchange you will pay a 0.3% trading fee. 0.25% - Paid to liquidity pools in the form of a trading fee for liquidity providers. 0.05% - Sent to sJOE Staking You can find more information here.

Is Trader Joe safe?

  • Yes, Trader Joe is fully audited by HashEx and Paladin.
  • For further details, you can view the full reports

Can you open Insurance to help protect your portfolio?

  • There are multiple protocols that provide insurance cover for the Joe Platform.
  • One key partner is inSure DeFi, which is a Decentralized Insurance Ecosystem, trusted by thousands of community members to protect their crypto portfolios from scams, exchange closures, and drastic devaluations. inSure DeFi provides insurance solutions for the crypto space to stabilize and secure Crypto & DeFi portfolios.

Is Banker Joe protected from flash loan attacks?

  • Banker Joe only uses the Chainlink Price Oracle to ensure the highest levels of robust data feeds. You can read more about the safety of Banker Joe in this article.

What are the main risks on Trader Joe?

  • There are 2 main risks when interacting with DEX + Lending protocols (NOTE: These are not unique to the Trader Joe platform).
  1. 1.
    Impermanent Loss: when supplying tokens to a pool.
  2. 2.
    Liquidation: when borrowing funds on Banker Joe.
  • Find the full list of Trader Joe's ecosystem links here.


How to Swap

  • The exchange is where you can trade one token for another. It is a simple swap interface, just select the two tokens you wish to exchange. Follow this link for more details.

Buying JOE

  • You can use Trader Joe’s Trading interface to swap your assets for JOE.

Gas fees

  • Gas fees are paid in order to make transactions on the blockchain. On Avalanche gas fees are always paid in AVAX.


  • Increased slippage may be needed when a trade price differs from the time of request and the time of order. Certain tokens may require 5+% due to their tokenomics (not decided by TJ). For more information visit this link.

What is price impact?

  • Price impact is the influence an individual trade has over the market price of an underlying asset pair.

Is there a Faucet?

  • No. Always remember to keep at least 0.1 AVAX in your wallet for gas fees.


What is sJOE?

  • Stake into sJOE to earn your share of Trading Fees
  • Read more here

What is veJOE?

  • Stake your JOE Tokens and earn Boosted JOE Farm Yields
  • Read more here

Difference between Staking and Farming?

  • Staking only requires JOE Tokens
  • Farming needs JLP Tokens and is subject to potentially higher risks


What is Farming?

What are 'Farmer's Market' and 'Community Farms'?

  1. 1.
    Farmers Market: Farms with Double Rewards
  2. 2.
    Community Farms: Voted for by the Cultivation Club, Community Governance program

How do I apply for a Farm?

What is JOE APR?

  • This refers to the Yield generated from the JOE Token distributed in a Farm

What is Bonus APR?

  • This refers to the Yield generated from the Bonus Token distributed in a Farm


What is a pool?

  • A liquidity pool (LP) is a pool of two tokens, e.g. AVAX and JOE tokens. This pool is what allows users to exchange between the two tokens automatically. You can find a tutorial here.

What is the ZAP feature?

  • ZAP is a quick way to convert tokens to LP tokens (only available for certain tokens). Watch this video to find out more.

How do I remove liquidity?

  • Simply head to the Pool you wish to remove tokens from and hit 'Remove'. See our guide for more details.

Wallets and Transactions

How to connect my wallet?

What are the best wallets?

  • Metamask, Core Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, C98 and Rabby are all proven reliable. There are several options to choose from here.

Import new tokens on MM

  • At the bottom of the MM window you will see 'Don’t see your token?'. Select 'Import tokens' and input the contract details.

Add new tokens for a Swap?

  • In the Trade section of the Trader Joe platform you can either search for white-listed tokens or paste the contract address.

Still Stuck?

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